#Play80percentEastern : "You cant force us to play 'No sense' songs just to promote ER artistes" - Kobby Slim and others Djs reacts

Radio Djs in the Eastern Region seems not to be content with the quality of songs their artistes produces hence they keep playing foreign artiste's songs other than their own.

Gideon Ofori, a blogger from the East had launched a campaign on social media to call the attention of the Eastern Region's djs to play more of their artistes songs with a hashtag #Play80percentEastern.

According to him, this campaign was to see more of Eastern Region artistes songs dominating the Eastern waves in order to promote talents ftom the East.

Reacting to this campaign,  most of radio Djs in the East have registered their reason of not playing much from the East stating that,  "Eastern region artistes do not produce quality songs which worth their airtime".

Under one of his campaign post, Kobby Slim, one among the best radio djs and presenters in the East who works with KTU readio had registered that, before we campaign for 80% Eastern on our waves, the artistes are the first to be advised to produce quality songs with good contents to be played on air.

Kobby Slim furthered on to say that, he stands for good music no matter the genre or artiste but until you produce quality music, you dont deserve his time.

Before that, draw 80% of the artistes attention to making quality standard songs with sensible contents... No DJ would want to play some poor standard song with weak lyrics or excuse me to say "No sense"... There are only few artistes doing the right and trust me they are enjoying the air plays.... For me i stand to the fact that, I will only play good music regardless the genre, the artiste or the any other reason... Listeners have their taste and the main reason is to satisfy them, not neccessarily promote the the artist... If you have good music, you definitely will get the air play, until then, I play 100% good music regardless the genre, the country, and the artist - KOBBY SLIM

As if that was all, various radio djs in the region had also penned their displeasures.

Follow the conversations here:

We want to hear 80% Eastern Region content in our waves here in the East. #Play80percentEastern
Posted by Gideon Ofori on Friday, June 7, 2019
Can we begin a campaign in the EAST? #Play80percentEastern
Posted by Gideon Ofori on Friday, June 7, 2019
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