Pay me my money and leave my Label- Nova to Amazyn Gee

  Artistes generally outgrows their record labels and if  a smaller company grooms an artiste to a national or international level, there is the danger that the company will lose that artiste to a larger firm who can offer more services or help them grow faster.

Sometimes, both companies partner and split responsibilities in a joint venture deal. But much of the time, the artiste will gravitate to the person that offers him/her a better deal. Small companies has to scale and grow to meet the demands of their star artiste, or they can run the risk of losing a valuable asset.

The situation between Think Twice Record Label and their signee Amazyn Gee is quite different.

It was revealed on Pimpinaa Entertainment Show on Kingdom FM last Saturday that, Nova(CEO of think twice) called his artiste who was on visitation with her family at Tamale for an interview scheduled with Samuel Atuobi Baah (Sammy flex) on zylofon FM.

With distance and financial hindrances, the Female Vocalist of the year were unable to honour the invitation of zylofon FM in Accra from Tamale and that triggered an upset in the CEO who felt disrespected.

In an interview with londona Nie, Nova disclosed that his artiste came to him with some elders only to apologise for any misunderstanding but he rejected them and made it clear that he can't work with the artiste anymore.

He continued that, even though he isn't working with the artiste, she is still bound with a contract agreement  and anyone who feels comfortable to work with her can come forward and negotiate with him.

"If they can pay me my 7000cedis invested in her, then I will terminate her contract with my Label, so she can start recording"

He further stated that, he has really run at a lost after signing Amazyn Gee. Indicating that she had nothing before joining his Label, so she should put it in mind that, there is a 5year contract between them.

"Amazyn Gee can't do anything music without my Label in 5years, so she should stay away from music until my demands are met. Anything apart from that is a breach of contract and I shall hold her to the pinnacle." Nova told Londona.

On the same show, it was revealed that Obofour Nie who was acting as PRO and DJ for the label was asked to return all his accoutrements given to him by the CEO since there was no written contract between the Label and the prominent radio presenter.

As interesting as the story grows, Londona Nie promised to invite a lawyer into the studios next weekend so that they can deliberate and scrutinise on the legal standings in the contract between Amazyn Gee and Think Twice Record Label.

Subsequent stories will detailed readers the response from Amazyn Gee , Obofour Nie and the way forward.


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