"I respect prostitutes on the streets than...." - Afia Odo

Screen goddess Afia Odo has taken to her social media handle to register her love for street prostitutes. 

With the Ghanaian culture, the public frowns at commercial sex workers and do same to anyone who associates themselves with them since the act is illegal.

Perhaps, Kwésse TV presenter during Mother's Day celebration had visited a section of commercial sex workers to have a good time with them.

Ghanaians as usual, lambasted Afia Odo for associating herself with commercial sex workers but Afia has taken a time to reply her critics.

According to her, she ain't hypocrite like her critics and do respect public commercial sex workers than those who does that in private.

He took to her twitter page to write:

"I respect prostitutes on the streets than those who do it behind closed doors and wipe their mouths clean as if they’re not doing high class prostitution. They are real about their lifestyle but because you hide and are discreet about it you think you’re better. Smh hypocrites!"

Source: eagleeyemediagh.com

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