L£aked video: Ghanaian Police officer turns p@rn Star

A ghanaian police officer and a mother of one had her nude video gone viral on social media after she tried sending it to his Italian boyfriend. 

The Sunyani based police officer tried to send her erotic short video to her Italian boyfriend who is known to be James but mistakenly had it sent to a friend of James.

James' friend whose name has not yet disclosed after downloading the video promised to delete it but for no reason, he shared it on a broadcast list via Whatsapp.

Our source reported:

"This police officer is in Sunyani. She has one child with another police officer and left him for an Italian guy called James. James requested of her naked video and she mistakenly sent it to James friend. Before she could delete the video the guy has already downloaded it but the guy promised to delete it. But to her surprised the guy sent it to all his colleagues. Now the guy is no where to be found."

Watch full video below:

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