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I am the next face of Ghana Gospel music - Evangelist IK Anin

The man of the moment, Evangelist IK Anin in an interview with has disclosed that, he is the next face of Ghana Gospel music and ready to put Ghana on the map so far as music concerned. 

The "borborleborbor" hit singer featured the maiden edition of 'Eastern Stands In Worship" which came off on the 9th March 2019 at Koforidua Apenten Hall. 

Evangelist IK Anin 
Evangelist Anin giving his account after the event has said that, Eastern region should preserve such event, decorate, and make it one among the biggest gospel music festival the country can boast of. He suggested that, it should be organized at least twice annually. 

"This is such a wonderful event and I am very happy of being part of this history. Eastern region should preserve and decorate this event. In no time, it will gain national recognition and will be  among one of the best gospel musical concert in the country.  I think it should be organised twice in a year. It's a great start. - He said

Reacting to national issues with the Ghanaian gospel fraternity, the 'Akruku' hit maker loud it that, the Ghanaian gospel fraternity indeed has its own challenges with its players but he is ready to lead the front to take the Ghanaian gospel fraternity to its standard level. 

"We are going back to live band with gospel music. Many gospel musicians are forced to sing on a rhythm they are not comfortable with by sound engineers and get their rich voices compromised with computer voices which devoid the power of their music. I am here to make a change to Ghana's gospel music and Ghanaians should watch out for it. I am putting Ghana on the map again and I admonish the young ones to learn from me also." He said.

As maintained by Evangelist IK Anin, he is almost done to wow the whole country with a new release.



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