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Eastern Stands In Worship with Obaapa Gyamfuah was a Sucess

Even though it is the first of its kind to be hosted in the eastern region's capital, Koforidua but "Eastern Stands In Worship" with Obaapa Gyamfuah received great patronage by patrons from all cardinals of the region.

The night of Praise and worship was graced by Mr Peter Marfo (Chairman for eastern MUSIGHA), and various gospel musicians like Evangelist IK Anin,  Kobby Isaac, Austin, among others.

Various media houses in the region were there to support as well including the crew, Kingdom Fm,  Bryt Fm,  Goodlife Fm, among others.

Speaking to Obaapa Gyamfuah after her glorious performance,  she had made it known to Gideon Ofori of that, she is very much fulfilled to see the success of the event but not much concerned about the number of audience who had trooped to the Apenten Hall for the show.

She maintained that, it was a great honor and privilege to have the whole Eastern Region MUSIGHA supporting her dream and as an Evangelist herself, she believes the gospel message that the show carries, has been delivered to those it was meant for and she feels fulfilled.

"I am very much fulfilled to see the success of this wonderful task given to me by my God to deliver a message to a group of people on a night like this. I am not much concerned about the turn out but very grateful for a good job done. Eastern Region MUSIGHA led by, Prof Peter has been so good to me from the organization of this show to its execution and indeed they proved to be a Musician Union that every musician needs to join." She has said.

Eastern Stands In Worship with Obaapa Gyamfuah came off on the 9th March 2019 at the Apenten Hall - Koforidua, Powered by Kumi Kasa and a collaboration of Obaapa Gyamfuah Ministries and Eastern Region MUSIGHA.


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