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Ara-B on live radio has finally Apologised to Shatta Michy After Exposing Shatta Wale

Musician Ara-B has finally over the years apologised to Shatta Michy for all what he has done to her on live radio.

The musician on HitzFm's "U say Weytin" with De Don has openly apologized to the ex girlfriend of his former boss Shatta Wale after he had accused her to be a cheap lesbian and a prostitute two years ago.

"I want to take this opportunity to say 'I am sorry' to Shatta Michy for all what I have done or said against her. I know I am the cause of her current situation with Shatta 
and I know all these wouldn't have happened if I was to be muted over certain issues. I am really sorry" he remorsfuly said.

He has also revealed that, he is very much happy and still celebrating the break up of Shatta Wale and Pope Skinny because the later had sold him out after he had introduced him to Shatta Wale.

He furthered on to reveal that, Shatta Wale never acquired for himself a $1M mansion and all his claims were all lies just to make the showbiz industry attractive. 

"Shatta hasn't buy any mansion worth $1M, It was all lies and you know, lies makes the industry attractive. Even with the ship house, NAM1 only rent it for him, it wasnt acquired." he has told De Don.

As if that was all, the "Pharoah" album maker has rendered a confirmation notice to the rape allegations leveled against Pope Skinny by Shatta Wale. 

According to Ara-B, Pope Skinny is a rapist and every lady associated to him is really much aware of it. 

"Yeah, Skinny is a rapist and every town lady knows it. Just as the Canadian lady had explained, he normally drugs and find his way in women. He is a big sellout and a rapist" he added.


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